Washington D.C. Trip for 7th & 8th Grades - INFO SHEET

Washington D.C. - 2016

UPDATE 4/19/16: Everyone is paid up and ready to go! We leave on Saturday. Please be here at the school parking lot by 4:55 a.m. on Saturday (4/23). We need to be rolling out of the parking lot at 5:00 a.m. From what I understand, a couple of you will be driving down to Phoenix on your own Friday night. (We have budgeted for gas and parking ($7/day) for 3 vehicles so if we have more than that, we may have to split expenses. Please keep your gas and parking receipts and we will take a look at it once we return. If you will be driving down Friday night, please email me and let me know which students you will be taking). Please see the updated itinerary below along with the chaperone contact phone numbers. Don't forget to review the baggage information below for Delta airlines and make sure that you are packing your carry-on luggage with eligible items. It looks like we will have to contend with rain on the trip so I highly encourage everyone to bring small umbrellas for the trip. Please take note of the hotel contact information below. Please, if you have any questions, call me anytime... 928-521-2063.

TRIP DATES - April 23rd to April 29th, 2016

Updated Itinerary

Saturday, April 23rd (Trip T-Shirts)

5:00 AM - Leave St. Anthony School

9:00 AM - Arrive at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix (Park)

10:29 AM - Depart Phoenix Airport

5:13 PM - Arrive at Atlanta Airport

5:45 PM - Depart Atlanta Airport

7:38 PM - Arrive at Baltimore Airport (BWI)

8:00 PM - Pickup Rental Vans/ Depart for Hotel via Shuttle

8:15 PM - Arrive at Best Western Plus (BWI)/ Dinner at Checkers

Sunday, April 24th

10:00 AM - Leave Baltimore

11:00 AM - Arrive at the Basilica

12:00 PM - Mass at the Basilica

1:30 PM - Lunch at Jersey Mikes or Chipotle

3:00 PM - Check into Hotel

6:15 PM - Dinner at Bucco Di Beppo

8:00 PM - Moonlight Visit - Lincoln Memorial & Nearby Memorials

10:00 PM - Leave for Hotel

Monday, April 25th (Uniform Shirts)

9:00 AM - Leave Hotel for Capitol Tour

10:00 AM - Capitol Grounds Tour/ Supreme Court

10:50 AM - Capitol Tour

12:30 PM - Lunch at the Capitol

1:30 PM - Documents of Freedom - National Archives

2:00 PM - Smithsonian Visits

5:30 PM - Leave for Hotel Area

6:00 PM - Dinner at Hotel (Take out)

Tuesday, April 26th

8:00 AM - Leave Hotel

9:00 AM - Arrive at Mt. Vernon

10:20 AM - Mansion Tour

11:00 AM - Walking Tour

12:00 PM - Lunch at Mt. Vernon

1:00 PM - Leave for Arlington National Cemetary/ Pentagon

1:30 PM - Pentagon Tour

3:30 PM - Arlington National Cemetery

6:30 PM - Diners. Drive-ins, and Dives - Comet Pizza

Wednesday, April 27th

8:00 AM - Leave Hotel

9:00 AM - Wait in line for Holocaust Museum Passes

TBD - US Holocaust Memorial Museum

12:00 PM - Lunch at National Museum of American History

1:00 PM - White House Visitor Center

2:00 PM - International Spy Museum

4:00 PM - Travel to Philadelphia

6:00 PM - Dinner at Golden Corral

Thursday, April 28th

9:00 AM - Line for Independence Hall

10:00 AM - Liberty Bell

12:30 PM - Ben Franklin Museum

1:30 PM - Lunch at the Reading Terminal Market

2:30 PM - Constitutional Center

3:30 PM - Mutter Museum

6:00 PM - Dinner - Famous Philly Cheese-steaks

Friday, April 29th

6:00 AM - Leave Hotel

8:25 AM - Flight leaves for Mpls-St. Paul

10:28 AM - Arrive in Mpls-St. Paul

11:20 AM - Flight leaves for Phoenix

12:46 PM - Arrive in Phoenix

1:00 PM - Lunch in Phoenix

2:00 PM - Leave for Home

5:30 PM - Arrive at the St. Anthony Parking Lot for Pickup

Flight Info - Room Assignments - Van Assignments

CLICK HERE for a list of flight seat assignments, room assignments, and van assignments. To learn more about your seat assignments, visit and plug in the Delta flight numbers and dates to see your seat assignments. I will also forward flight ticket info to everyone.

Capitol Tour Day - 4/25

On Monday (4/25), we will be touring the Capitol, visiting the National Archives and the Smithsonian Museums. Students should be wearing their St. Anthony uniform shirts and appropriate pants or shorts. The Capitol tour has special security guidelines so on that day we may not bring the following items with us:

  • Liquid, including water
  • Food or beverage of any kind, including fruit and unopened packaged foodersol containers
  • Non-aerosol sprays (prescriptions for medical needs are permitted.
  • Any pointed object, e.g. knitting needles and letter openers (pens and pencils are permitted)
  • Any bag larger than 18" wide x 14" high x 8.5" deep
  • Electric stun guns, martial arts weapons or devices
  • Guns, replica guns, ammunition and fireworks
  • Knives of any size
  • Mace and pepper spray
  • Razors and box cutters

Map of D.C. and the National Mall

You can find a great map of Washington D.C. and the National Mall along with many of the sites that we will be visiting HERE.

Get Your Walking Legs In Shape!

We will be doing a lot of walking during the D.C. trip. The last time we went, we averaged 7-10 miles a day. We will be taking the METRO from our hotel area to the Capitol area and then walking from site to site. No matter what the weather is like, we will be walking a lot! Get your walking legs in shape by walking before the trip to make it a much more enjoyable experience.

Make Sure You Have A Carry-On Suitcase

Everyone attending the trip will need to bring everything they need in one carry-on bag. We will not be checking any luggage. Delta airlines has the following guidelines for carry-on luggage:

  • Baggage may not exceed 45 linear inches (or 114 cm) in combined length, width and height, including handles and wheels that fit in the overhead compartment space or under-seat-space available at the time of boarding.
  • Baggage must fit easily in the carry-on baggage check (approximately 22" x 14" x 9" or 56 x 35 x 23 cm) which is located near the check-in counters.


Dress Code for Students

All students should be reminded that they are representing our school on this field trip. A trip t-shirt has been ordered and they will need to bring it with them on the trip. Students should also bring one St. Anthony School polo shirt for our visit to the Capitol. All other shirts, pants, skirts, etc. should be appropriate. Students may bring hats for travel days, but will need to be approved by Mr. Yorksmith. Hats cannot be worn to any of our daily trip destinations.

Packing List

We will be taking carry-on luggage only. Please make sure that the carry-on that you bring meets the requirements above. Students will need to fit all packed items into a carry-on that meets the above requirements. They will also be allowed a small personal item as described at the Delta website HERE. Each student will need to pack clothes for 6 days including a St. Anthony School shirt and the trip t-shirt (arriving shortly). A weather forecast will be communicated on the Thursday before we leave. Please make sure to include toiletries, socks, underwear, sunscreen, a light jacket, prescriptions/medications, and any other personal items that will fit. We will have access to a hotel pool so students may want to bring a swimming suit if they wish. All meals & costs for this trip are included in the cost to attend. Students may want to bring extra spending money for snacks, souvenirs, etc. They are responsible for any extra money that they bring.

Electronic Devices

Students are allowed to bring electronics with them on the trip. However, they will need to follow all guidelines set forth by the airlines during travel. No inappropriate music, movies, etc. will be allowed on devices. Electronic devices will be confiscated and held for the rest of the trip if these guidelines are not followed. There will be days that devices will be left at the hotel because of security measures at some sites. I will let students know when they can have them with them. Students are responsible for their own devices.

Chaperone Contact List

Bryan Yorksmith - 928-521-2063

Heidi Sturm - 928-242-9356

Julie Kittle - 928-207-0012

Steve Pansulla - 928-242-4114

Dawnafe Whitesinger - 928-205-3035