The Breeze at Home

By: Nikitha, Sadhana, Mia & Ani

Our Plan

  • device that controls the temperature and is energy saving
  • set device to 75 degrees and you turn on the air conditioning when it is 75 degrees the device automatically turns the air conditioning off so it doesn't waste energy
  • same if you turn on the heater and it is 75 degrees then it automatically turns off the heater
  • used at home

Cost and Savings

  • $250 each
  • $100- $300 to install
  • save up to $30 using The Breeze System
  • fundraisers to carry out our plan


  • it will control the temperature in your house
  • you can set it to a range of temperatures you like
  • there is an app for all Apple and Android products


  • does it itself
  • you don't have to waste your energy
  • can save you up to $30 each month
  • will be installed for you


  • you must change a battery once a year
  • the battery costs $38.99
  • TheBreeze costs $25


  • next day installation by our company
  • change battery once a year
  • if damaged or broken, call and we will find a way to fix/replace it
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The nest is similar to The Breeze