Genious hour

What possible threats do black holes pose to earth?

What is a black hole?

A black hole Is remanents of a former star. They are all over space, and if you went into one, you would go through a painful process of spagettification. (That is when you are so tight you go into a noodle shade to form and die) Black holes could pose potential danger to earth and other planets.

My theory on how earth will end

Earth will end when the sun dies out and makes a giant black hole that will suck up earth and all other planets near it. Most likely the entire Milky Way galaxy.

The sun dies out

In about 5 million years, the sun will die out and earth and all life forms in it will die. The sun will most likely form a black hole, because it's a star. This black hole will probably suck up earth and everything else in it.

Some examples of black holes in the universe

I find them both beautiful and fascinating

Misconceptions on black hole

  • People think the sun is unique, they don't know its a star
  • Black holes CAN NOT be seen. Since they don't let out any light, it is impossible to see them