Forensic Botany

Solving crime one plant at a time. by Koushik Fischer

What is forensic botany?

It is how botanists look at plants to gain information about crimes.

Solving Crime with Botany

Leaves, pollen and seeds found on a body, at the scene of a crime or on the perpetrator of a crime can give information about the time of the crime, location and if anything was moved. Studying pollen can give you clues to location of death, decomposition and time of year.
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What Education is needed to become a Forensic Botanist

Minimum of a Bachelor degree in botany or biology. Forensics Botanist can join the FBI or DEA as well as work in university and private sector.
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CSI- Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping

In 1935, forensic botany was used in the Charles Lindbergh Jr. case. Dr. Arthur Koehler testified at trial against Bruno Richard Hauptmann, that the ladder used, was made of wood found in his attic. He used forensic botany to find out the plant species, tool marks left on the wood and the structural pattern of the wood.
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