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Orcas are complex, social creatures, and incredibly smart, we should respect them, and not keep them in captivity for our own amusement in theme parks, such as SeaWorld.


In this documentary, they set out a purpose to prove to us SeaWorld is not a place where we should go. The things they do to these poor animals is inhumane. They don't care for their animals like they should be, the way they capture the animals, is beyond depressing. What they do to they animals is horrifying. Also, they talk about the incidents that happen between the trainers, and orca's.

SeaWorld Orca's

Blackfish explains how SeaWorld is inhumane. By doing so, they talked about how they capture the whale's. They go whale searching and when they see baby whales with their mother's they chase them until the mothers are separated from the babies. Instead of taking the mothers, they take the babies. To breed the whale's at sea world, they masturbate the male's and collect the sperm. Another thing that would stand out to many, would be the amount of incidents that happen between trainers and the whales.

Orca's In The Wild

In the wild, females live between 80 to over 100, and for males, they between 60 to 70 years. In SeaWorld, the average life expectancy is 13 years old. Seventy and more incidents have happened. The big one everyone know about was Dawn Brancheau. Dawn was a senior SeaWorld trainer, who had been working there, for fifteen years. She was the first one to be killed by, Tilikum, the orca. In the wild, there has only been one reliable report about a killer whale harming a human.


After watching this film, I do believe that SeaWorld shouldn't exist. Orca's aren't meant to be for show. They should be in the wild with the others. It's sad and it left me speechless, because they are harmless, but being in a small space, like they are, when they are suppose to be in the ocean, I would be depressed and aggravated.