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List of top five blogging mistakes to avoid

Top 5 Blogging Mistakes you must Avoid

Blogging is an inexpensive platform where you can share your knowledge with your visitors. In order to succeed in this blogosphere you need have passion for blogging. I have seen many bloggers who have stepped into the field of blogging with an objective to earn money but often fail to achieve it. This is true that blogging giving you money but this can’t be your one and only goal from blogging.

Here I will discuss about some common blogging mistakes which you should avoid:

Not Maintaining a Proper Blogging Schedule: Do you post daily on your blog or once in a month? Try to stick with the posting frequency you have chosen for your blog. You can’t gain solid traffic if you fail to have a proper blogging schedule.

Not having an About Me Page: Does your blog have an ‘About Me’ page? If not then this is one of the biggest mistakes you have done as a blogger. This is because it is the page which helps to gain trust of the visitors. Try to create an About Me page so that visitors can know who you are? From where do you belong? This will help you to gain online credibility as an author.

Not Writing for Visitors: It is necessary to get good ranking in SERP. But overstuffing your keywords within your post will not help you to get a top ranking in organic search results. Search engines like Google always think of their users. They display the most relevant results to their users so if you can write informative articles for their users then your blog will automatically get a top ranking in search engine results page.

Not having any Goal: Before stepping into this field the first thing you must clear is your goals. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve from this blog.

Not reading other blogs: In order to succeed as a blogger you need to keep yourself updated. Read other blogs within your niche and keep an eye on the strategies they are following. Updating yourself will increase your knowledge as a blogger.

You must avoid the mistakes mentioned above in order to succeed in this blogosphere.

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