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May 5, 2017 Issue 33

Let's Plan for the Future!

May 15th- 5th Grade parent orientation at 6:30 P.M. at SMS.

May 16th- 5th grade band instrument showcase 4:00-7:00 P.M. at SMS.

May 19- Bring a $1 to get a popsicle at lunch!

May 19- 3rd and 4th Grade VFES Spring Concert @ 6:00 PM

May 25- 5th Grade Celebration @ 1:00 PM

May 31- 9-11 AM Sports and Clubs Awards

June 1- 9-11 AM Academic and Attendance Awards and Kindergarten Graduation

June 1- Tentative Last Student Day

Happy Birthday!

Hudson Garten, Ben Nunley, William Peterson, Eva Collings, Noah Derby, Braden Schroder, Gage Densford, Kamrym Green, Draven Lamb, Wyatt Arbuckle, Addison Adams, Bayley Engle, Alexsiya Scott, Alex Martin, Kayden Smith, Summer Porter, Kendra Higdon, Kendra Higdon, Christian Collins, Gavin Hunter, Jaiden Jones, Arriana Tungett, Sydney Craig, Makenzie Davis, Presley Stidham, Brianna Leake, Victoria McNeely, Briana Busick, Mathew Amburgey, Pierce Jordan, Desmond Hatton, Natalee Beesley, Matthew Kellner, Noah Phillips, Landon Feeler, Jackson Taylor, John McDonald, James Dixon, Brayden Laso, Gianna Mayo, Lillia Barrett, Sophia Kirkman, Elijah Combs, Blayden Kimberlin, Tessia Coomer, Deborah Mullins, Tiffany Barrett, Tracy Lucas, Rachelle Zollman, Lynda Keifie, Julie Boswell, Ellen Owens, Lori Smith,

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Fidgit Fascination!

Fidgets have been around for a long time. We've used stress balls, rubber pencil grips, and velcro at times and even other items to help relieve anxiety and improve focus when needed. The issue began a few weeks ago when students started bringing them to school and using them as toys. The large number of students bringing them has created a lot of distraction in the classrooms. Since toys are not allowed at schoo, VFES is going to follow the following rules for fidgets.

  1. Out of sight. Your peers should not be distracted by your use of a fidget.
  2. Focus on learning, not the fidget. You should not be looking at your fidget when you should be looking at the teacher or completing work.
  3. Your fidget is YOUR fidget. No one should possess your fidget but you.

Staff members will confiscate a fidget from any student violating one of the rules.

If you would like your child to use a fidgit, please make an appointment with Mrs. Barrett. We have many of these sensory tools at school for our students.

Mrs. Barrett will notify staff of all students with permission.

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The Road to SMS Starts Now!

Scottsburg Middle School transition activities for the Class of 2024 kick off this week! Our 5th graders will be greeted by the SMS staff in a classroom Skype on May 2. Teachers will explain the special events planned for the Road to SMS.

Our 5th graders will visit the middle school for a program and a tour on May 8. Students will receive an info packet that should come home that night! Parents are encouraged to attend a 5th grade parent orientation at SMS on Monday, May 15th at 6:30 P.M. An instrument showcase is set for Tuesday, May 16th from 4:00-7:00 P.M. for any student wishing to try out band instruments and find out about rental contracts.

Mark your calendars now for all of these special events. We are proud of our 5th graders and are excited to help them successfully start down the road to SMS!

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Great Job collecting items! Our second grade classrooms collected over 300 items and $380 to donate to the humane society

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Warrior basketball camp is quickly approaching! Campers will receive a FREE t-shirt, learn from current and former Warriors, and listen to impactful guest speakers. Coach Jameson and his staff will provide skills and drills that your son can work on all summer long. Register at

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Our next Box Tops competition is underway! The class who brings in the most Box Tops by Wednesday, May 24th will have an outside pizza party in the shelter house!

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Before break, we noticed a trend with students getting dropped off later and later and wanted to send a reminder that school begins at 8:05 and students are marked tardy at that time; however, our building is open from 7:30 on for students to be dropped off. The doors at the drop off area by the gym will close at 8:00 and all students being dropped off after 8:00 AM, should be dropped off at the front office.

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2017-2018 School Calendar

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Click below on the Nutrislice Website to view our breakfast and lunch menus.

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