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MCE Staff Newsletter Oct. 15, 2015

Upcoming Events...

Monday, Oct. 19

Parent Conferences

Tuesday, Oct. 20

Parent Conferences

Wednesday, Oct. 21

Parent Conferences


Health Insurance Open Enrollment Support in Primary Lab beginning at 2pm

Thursday, Oct. 22

Parent Conferences

Health & Benefits Fair @ District Office 12-5:30pm

4-H Mad Scientist Program 3:15-4:30pm

ABCs of Parenting Class w/ Mrs. Hurley

Friday, Oct. 16


Let's Talk Curriculum!

1. Thank you for being prepared for our staff meeting yesterday!

2. KUDOS to you for delivering quality instruction and impressing our District Office visitors!

3. You will find a Learning Target reference sheet in your mailbox before this weekend to help guide you as you plan your learning targets for next week.

4. I will print individual MAP reports for you and place those in your mailbox!

5. Report Card Conferences are next week! I will place a Standards Based Grading Frequently Asked Questions handout in your mailbox to help guide your discussions about Standards Based Grading.

6. Snow Learning information and expectations also need to go home next week during Parent Conferences! You will be provided with white envelopes as a nice way to package your Snow Learning information for your parents.

7. Writing- Grades 2-5 should be finishing their Personal Narratives and moving onto Informative Writing next week. I will get you the Informative Writing Rubric and Pre-Assessment. Grade K/1 will begin their Personal Narrative Unit.

8. Great things are happening at MCE! We appreciate your hard work.

Upcoming Common Assessments:

10/21 K Math Unit #2b

10/19 3rd grade Math Unit #3

10/27 2nd grade ELA Unit #1

10/27 3rd/4th/5th ELA Unit #3

10/29 5th grade Math Unit #3

Counselor's Corner


Thank you for playing along during our staff meeting. All of you are doing a great job in the classroom. Let me know if any of you need any of the materials I used during the meeting. Keep kids first.



What's Happening in the Library?

Principal's Points

One of the most important events of the year is coming next week. Elbow to elbow, face to face.... conferences are a HUGE chance to build connections and reach out.

The most important message for families to hear during your time together is that their child matters. The one resounding point that every mom, dad, grandparent or foster needs to hear from you is that MCE cares about their learner and that we believe in them. You are doing important work. It's busy, challenging, exciting, frustrating and fun...sometimes all at once. But you are doing important work.

There are lots of reports/data to share with the families...progress reports, MAP scores, KPREP (4 & 5th only), Snow Learning plans....but none of that matters so much as touching the families to say "Hey! You have a special kid and here's a couple reasons why."

I believe in the staff at this school. I see the patience you have with difficult situations. I see the tenacity that shows when you keep holding students to high expectations for their math reasoning. We see the active learning happening in across the entire campus in a single snapshot.

We are working hard...working hard for kids that deserve and desire to be supported, encouraged...and challenged.

Busy week coming up. Busy and important. You are ready. You have this.