Earth Science Weekly

Mrs. Wilkinson's Class

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Week of March 21-25

Monday: Unit Test/ Continuation of Mineral ID Lab

Tuesday: Defining Rocks/Rock Cycle Foldable

Wednesday: Ride the Rock Cycle Activity

Thursday: Spring Break

Friday: Spring Break

Test Resources

Quizlet Review (They only have to know words related to minerals.)

Properties of Minerals Quizlet

Mineral Groups Quizlet Review

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Cookie Mining Activity

Students this week learned just how difficult it was to mine! The task was to mine as many chocolate chips from a Chips Ahoy cookie, but the requirements were that students were "charged" for the tools they bought, the time they spent "mining," and the costs to "reclaim" the land or in other-words, put the cookie back together! As chips went flying, toothpicks began breaking and cookies started crumbling, the students realized that making a profit wasn't going to be as easy as they anticipated!

Block #1 Cookie Mining

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Conflict Minerals

This week in class, students were made aware of the human rights issues occurring around the world due to the illegal mining of conflict minerals. Your students had very thoughtful and provoking questions and responses to the dilemma that is occurring.

Unfortunately, our reliance on the 3 T's (ask you student what they are!) and gold that are found in our electronics contributes to the illegal mining practices that are taking place in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Students were also made aware of the illegal mining of diamonds, or blood diamonds. We looked at how advertising campaigns ("A diamond is forever...") has linked the purchase of a diamond to love and how many of the diamonds that make their way to the market have been mined at the expensive of human life and basic human rights.

If your student is interested in pursuing these topics more, Intel has been leading the way in the technology market to outfit their processors using conflict-free minerals. They can also check out the Enough Project which is raising awareness and trying to invoke change when it comes to what is happening in the Eastern Congo.

Block #2 Cookie Mining

Block #4 Cookie Mining

Minerals Song