Walk Two Moons

Summary of Walk Two Moons

Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two Moons, is about Sal, a thirteen year-old girl that drives with her grandparents to see her mom's grave. They go on a trip across the country all the way to Lewiston, Idaho. While on the trip Sal tells her grandparents Phoebe's story about the lunatic and her missing mother.
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Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech uses judgements to make the story more interesting and mysterious.

Mrs. Cadaver

One of the most misjudged in Walk Two Moons, is Mrs. Cadaver. When Sal first arrived in Euclid, Ohio, Phoebe becomes friends with her and tells her Mrs. Cadaver's name meant "dead body." "First, there is that name: Cadaver. You know what cadaver means?" "It means dead body." Phoebe also convinces Sal that Mrs. Cadaver's hair was spooky and her voice sounded like dead leaves. "And that hair- don't you think that all that sticking-out red hair is spooky? And that voice reminds me of dead leaves blowing around on the ground." (Creech 22 and 23) Another big misconception is that Mr. Birkway was Mrs. Cadaver's lover and helped her chop up Mr. Cadaver. The truth was that Mr. Birkway was actually Mrs. Cadaver's brother and Mrs. Cadaver's husband died when a drunk driver rammed into his car. (Creech 218 and 219) Mrs. Cadaver was judged because Phoebe and Sal didn't know her that much but made strong accusations.

Mike Bickle

A dangerous and mysterious character, as Sal and Phoebe think would be Mike Bickle. In Chapter 8 when Mike first appears, Phoebe and Sal were nervous to open the door when they saw a stranger at the door. Phoebe thinks that the stranger (Mike) could have a gun or knife hidden and bust into their house and turn out to be a escaped lunatic. (Creech 42 and 43) In the end it is divulged that Mike Bickle was actually Mrs. Winterbottom's son that she put up for adoption before meeting Mr. Winterbottom.
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