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Spring Emerges!

Ahhhh...Spring! This season is an opportunity to reconnect with our senses as flowers begin to emerge through the dirt and mud, the sun is shining warmer and longer, and everything feels more alive. Spring is a perfect time to mindfully explore our five senses: sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing. Reconnect with Mother Earth, get your hands dirty, breathe deeply and smile!

Be well & breathe,

Liane Benedict & Kate Ginney

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The plink plink, plink plink of maple sap dripping into metal buckets every spring sings a sweet song to Barbara Wall’s ears.

“It’s just one of those feelings, you know?” Wall asked. “After a long winter, you’ve got the warm sun on your face, and you can hear the sap drip into the buckets. It just makes me want to dance.”

Wall is a descendant of the Vieux family and is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Indigenous studies, while holding a tenure-track position in the Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Late winter into early spring during the Maple Sugar Moon is one of her favorite times of the year. Wall bundles up and heads to the bush to tap maple trees, collect sap and transform it into ziwagmedé (syrup) and zisbakwet (maple sugar). The Nishnabé people use the thirteen moons of the seasonal cycle as guideposts, yet because of the varied ecosystems and weather conditions across Nishnabé communities, some may recognize each moon at a different time. For many, the Zisbakwtoke Gises (Maple Sugar Moon) begins on February or March’s new moon.

Maple season is more than just tapping trees for sap; read the full article to gain depth in this regional ritual learned from Indigenous people. There are also recipes and tips!

2 Minute Guided Mindful Meditation for Spring
Mindfulness Journey: 6 Practices for Spring

Let your brilliance shine with three days of guided mindfulness practices to revitalize body and mind and help you shift into springtime.

Spring Healing

As we go through struggles, we can all too easily think we are alone. We are not alone. We are here together. Remind yourself of this when you struggle. Let’s practice “Spring Healing” to find your inner peace and calm which is always here.

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