It's the Last Day!

(of the Smugmug Half Price Sale)

No Fooling--Sale Ran through all of APRIL!

It's our annual sale--and we've included downloads--but it ends tonight!
  • all regular 4x6" prints will be half-price--just 75ยข (metallic not included)
  • all downloads will be half-price--just $1
  • this sale DOES NOT include any prints from 'team photo sessions'

How do you take advantage of this great offer?

Go to There you will find 1000s and 1000s of photos taken at Aquin since 2004. Galleries are sorted by school year and category, such as 'Sports', 'Events', 'Music', etc. Go to the galleries and browse the photos. When you find one (or 2 or 30) you like, click on the photo and add to your photo cart. Then, when you are done, check out and pay for your order. Your prints will arrive in 7-10 days (but sometimes sooner) directly from Smugmug. Your downloads will be available instantly on your computer.

Everything is uploaded!

Last night's track meet, Fresh-Soph Baseball Photo Session (although those aren't on sale), Saturday's Appreciation Dinner and even yesterday's Spanish 2 Fashion Show!

What is Smugmug?

Smugmug is a 'fundraiser' for Aquin AND a huge resource for Aquin.

Aquin pays to have the site, and receives proceeds from each sale. Aquin students and staff use photos from Smugmug for the yearbook, marketing, historical reference, student and adviser projects, and much, much more.

Any use of these photos--without Aquin's consent--is strictly prohibited. This means that if you use Aquin's photos in social media with the Aquin watermark over them, you are violating the law--and the technology user agreement signed by Aquin students and parents. Please respect this and don't make us enforce it.

'Help Wanted'

The photos in Aquin's Smugmug site have all been taken by our entirely volunteer staff of photographers--mostly Joanne Chang, Laura Diemer and Linda Stykel (the master)--with a few other contributors here and there.


Everyone who contributes does it to preserve the history of Aquin, to promote Aquin and to raise funds for Aquin.

As announced at the 5-8th grade sports banquet last year, our volunteer staff is nearing the end of their run as Aquin parents. Joanne and Linda will both 'graduate' this year. Laura has another 4 years, but has 'graduated' from the elementary and junior high levels.

We are still looking for some new photographers to start out at the elementary level as these 3 photographers did back in 2006. We didn't acquire anyone new this year. We know that there are many of you who have the 'photography bug'. This is a great way to satisfy that creative urge. Don't worry if you are just a beginner. Everyone has to start somewhere.

If you are interested, please let us know. We can let you know what is involved and will be there to help you along the way. Call Laura at 815-235-3154 x 226 or email