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Stoneleigh Stallions Staff News 6-8-2015

Report Card Comments

The county will not be transitioning grades from Engrade to STARS until 5:00pm on Monday, June 15th. This leaves too little turn around time for the administration to review report cards including comments prior to disturbing on Thursday, June 18th. To that end please let the administration know as soon as your report card comments are completed. We will proof them as soon as you feel they are ready. Often teachers will create a word document of comments which are then cut and pasted into STARS. If that is the case for you please print out a hard copy and place in the appropriate administrators mailbox.

1st, 2nd, and special education progress reports - Amy

3rd through 5th - Heather

This year instead of providing another sheet of paper that explains which homeroom the student has been assigned, current homeroom teachers will write the name of next years homeroom teacher in the top right corner of the first report card page. Teachers will be provided with next year's homeroom lists by Monday, June 15th at 3:30pm.

Teachers Model Behavior For Students In Assemblies

When adults are supervising students during an assembly it is important to model the behaviors we expect of the students. We expect students to be engaged, pay attention, and be respectful of the performers or speakers. When adults are not paying attention, for example reviewing papers, it sends the wrong message to students. For all future assemblies, supervising adults are not to bring with them anything that would prevent them from modeling appropriate audience behaviors, nor prevent appropriate supervision of students

Focus on Domain 1 - Designing Coherent Instruction: Instructional Groups

What does highly effective look like?


  • Incorporates the intended learning of the lesson into the development of groups.

  • Considers the learning needs of each student when grouping.

  • Incorporates the suggestions offered by students for the development of groups, including numbers of members, roles and responsibilities, and group decision making processes.

  • Requires students to reflect on the effectiveness of their participation in groups to enhance their learning.

  • Encourages students to contribute to the teacher’s awareness of the effectiveness of different grouping strategies

Grade 2 Picnic

Monday, June 8th, 11:15am

Stoneleigh Elementary School, Baltimore, MD, United States

Baltimore, MD

Grade 1 Picnic

Tuesday, June 9th, 11am

Stoneleigh Elementary School, Baltimore, MD, United States

Baltimore, MD

Kindergarten Picnic

Wednesday, June 10th, 11am

Stoneleigh Elementary School, Baltimore, MD, United States

Baltimore, MD

K-2 Gold, Blue, and Creative, Too! Assembly includes Hipsley Award Presentation

Friday, June 12th, 1:15-2pm


FYI: Parents are welcome if asked.

3-5 Gold, Blue, and Creative, Too! Assembly includes Awards for 3rd and 4th grade

Friday, June 12th, 2:15-3pm


FYI: Parents are welcome if asked.

5th grade awards are incorporated into the 5th Grade Farewell this year

K and 1 Boys ONLY Cub Scout Presentation

Tuesday, June 16th, 9-9:30am


Boys will be called over the intercom to the cafeteria. Supervision will occur by administration and Ms. Stafford.

5th Grade Farewell

Tuesday, June 16th, 7pm

69 Cedar Avenue

Towson, MD