Sickness and Pain

Lexxus Watkins


I woke up one morning burning up and my stomach was turning. When I missed a week of school my mom took me to the Doctor. After some tests they came back and told me and my mom that I had mono, and that I couldn’t go to school for another week. The reason was because mono is very contagious. The Doctor also told me that I would be stuck with mono for the rest of my life.

I had to take pills every day in the morning and the night. One night my sister went to tell my mom that I was crying in my sleep. I didn’t even know it was happening and when my mom woke me up I felt absolutely terrible. Every day I felt weak and I could hardly do anything. Every time I would try to get up I would feel really nauseous and dizzy. I did vomit one time but nothing came up because I had nothing in my stomach and it hurt just trying gag and I felt like my eyes were going to pop out.

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When I went back to school, a few weeks later I found out I had to have surgery to get my tonsils taken out. The Doctor told me I couldn’t eat before the surgery so my stomach was growling at me while we were waiting in the waiting room. When the Doctor took me in they never told me to count or nothing. I don’t even remember falling asleep. When the Doctors were done with my surgery they told my mom that I would vomit up blood that went down into my stomach. As soon as we got home I started to feel sick and I told my mom that I could feel it coming. So she hurried to go grab a trash can, and when she got to me I threw up all the stuff that was in my stomach. For a week and a half I had lots of pain in my throat and I could hardly speak, it hurt to speak. The good thing about is I don’t snore a lot and I got to eat a lot of cold stuff like sherbet, ice cream, and etc.

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