Ontario, Canada News

By: Sabrina Roth

Huge Explosion Flattens House and Garage

On October 9,2014 at 8:30pm an explosion occurred that flattened a house and garage. Robert Roberts a witness says he was cooking dinner when he looked out the window and suddenly heard what he thought was a bomb.Other witnesses were from 25 kilometers away from the explosion said they heard a loud boom.

Neighbors of the explosion say they saw two cars leave the explosion fast.The explosion was then,controlled by 10:30pm. Later, when cops investigated they say that they thought the cause of the explosion was from drug use in the house but they were not 100% sure.

Teen Boy and Friends Are Being Sued After Ran Over by SUV

On October 28,2012, Richard and his friends were riding there bikes when they were ran over by an SUV. Richard,16 had a shattered pelvis and had other bad injuries, his Best Friend Majewski,17 was killed, and another friend was hit and had minor injuries. Richard said," The last thing I saw on my friend's face was a smile."

On January 10,2015, Sharlene Simon the woman who ran over the boys is now suing the boys and there families for her own emotional trauma. Sharlene said," I had one drink at the bar, when I was driving home I didn't see the boys." Sharlene Simon is suing the boys for $1.35 million.

Creepy Man Seen Outside of Greely Elementary School

Lately, A creepy man has been seen outside of Greely Elementary school taking pictures of the little kids playing on the play ground and watching the little kids for a long period of time.

The principal of the school sent out notes to all of the parents acknowledging about the man and police are investigating about the man. Since then the man has not been seen, but people are still being cautious.

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What I learned..

What I learned, is that there are a lot of bad things and people in our world. I also learned that I need to be careful around different neighborhoods, because I will never know if something bad will happen.

So What?..

These articles are important to the world, because people in these neighborhoods needed information to be cautious and knowing of what is going on in there neighborhood.This information is important in our cities, countries, towns, ect. because people need to know where and what types of things are going on.

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