Be Safe Around Electricity!


Electricity is very useful and most people include in everything they do.

Although electricity can be good, it is still very dangerous. That's why you always need to be safe around electricity.

Tips To Being Safe Around Electricity:

Here are some tips to being safe around electricity:

1: Tell an adult if a power line has fallen on a tree.

2: Before you touch or climb a tree check that it isn't caught in a power line.

3: Never walk on top of a power cord.

4: Never use an electrical device near water.

5: Watch your pets and make sure they don't chew on cables.

6: Don't put cables under a mat because they will get squashed.

7: Don't put a fishtank on an electric cable.

8: Be careful when you mow the lawn that you don't cut the cable.

9: Turn off the switch before you change a lightbulb.

10: If your house gets flooded switch off the main power.