MEHLT- Totalitarian Dictatorship

Presented By: Emily, Hannah, Lillian, MacKenzie, and Troy

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MEHLT Constitution

We the people of MEHLT believe we will create a better society. We will follow the dictators command for better equality. We believe in religious freedom, and separation of church and state. Everyone is equal in every aspect. We will come together as one unit to form equality for all.

Rules and Regulations of the Country MEHLT

Laws will be based of the United States. Examples: speeding, robbery, assault, and murder.

  • Everyone is equal. Discrimination against race, ethnicity, or gender will not be tolerated.

These are all created by our Dictator Con, aka (Ryan Conrad)

Constitution was created by the 5 founding father and ladies.

Our Unit of Protection

Police stations are set up every 25 miles with 2-3 police officers. Military: everyone is signed up for the draft at the age of 18 until 20 (males), then you are free from the draft.

How do the people of MEHLT live?

Gather Food and Health Care

  • Everyone has their own garden. Government controls agriculture. Setup hunting areas that are stocked by government. Food prices controlled by government.
  • Government pays for all medical expenses.


The following people are the political advisory group.