The Boy Who Saved Baseball

By Matthew Trollson


Do not give up on your personal goals, and what is important.

Charcter Bio- Alabaster Jones

 Alabaster Jones is a rude, negatively attituded person. He always try to get the way he wants, which can be bad, and sometimes even a cruel decision. Jones was even as mean enough as to grab Tom, who is only in his youth, by the collar of his shirt. Mr. Jones is not the kind of jolly guy you might think he is. He reminds me of some criminals in prison.

Tom's Changes

The Climax

I think the climax of the story is the "Big Game". The ultimate showdown between the two pumped teams, and the winning of a team changing the town. The exciting parts of each inning, while they may be suspenseful and angering. The final pop-fly Tom made gave me a blastful rush of excitment. The Wildcats won the game. It ended up like I though it would.

The Hero of the Story

As it seems, Tom is the hero of our story, for his final hit in the game, and saving them from "disaster". He reminds me of John Kennedy. He may have not done the stuff that Tom did, but he was a great man and achieved many great things. Maybe another hero to me is all the men and women who were brave enough to travel to space.