Monday Morning Message

Re-enrollment, Re-enrollment, Continued


On Tuesday we will have Move Up Day for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Teachers should have a hands-on-lesson prepared as it should support our mission statement and our philosophy on education. Each teacher will be responsible for creating a SMORE which will be sent to the grade level teacher of the students who moved up so she can send it to the families in her class. Obviously, we need the students to go home very excited about their experience and beg their parents to enroll them for next school year.

On Wednesday each teacher in grades 1st through 5th will send a brief biography of themselves and a description of their grade level to the grade level below teacher to send home to their families. In this message you should invite them to come to this Saturday's Open House to visit with you and enroll for next year. If you are unsure as to what to write please come see me.

On Thursday I would like each of you to reach out to your families again and encourage their re-enrollment, do they have any questions, etc.

Our Early Bird Registration period is from January 19th-February 15th. Our goal is to have most families re-enrolled at our January 23rd Open House. The incentive for these families is a $150 savings on the admission fee. They pay $540 vs. $690 during this period. Our parents will now be able to pay this by credit card. A letter is going home in their packet explaining this.

At my conference in Seattle it was drilled home again that re-enrollment is a top priority and great things are expected from us with regards to this endeavor. Hopefully being able to pay by credit card will help us.

Thank you and lets Rock & Roll Re-enrollment!!


2016-2017 Re-Enrollment Care Calls and Coding Sheets

Please update your Coding Sheets (new ones are in your mailbox) by this Wednesday, COB and turn in to me on Thursday morning. Remember, this is a working document-we need to know how many will re-enroll on Saturday, how many by February 15th, and what concerns if any people have regarding re-enrollment.

Open House

Our first Open House will be Thursday, the 21st from 10-3. Our students are in Formal Uniform this day. More than likely we will have rising kindergarten families attend and we may have our internal families attend so they can observe in the next grade level. Here again you should plan as many hands-on activities as possible. We want parents to see our students engaged. Please limit number of work book pages or ditto sheet assignments.

Our second Open House will be Saturday, the 23rd. This will run from 10-1 with a formal Kindergarten and First Grade presentation at 10 am. The staff will be divided into groups to cover the many different responsibilities we will have this day. The focus of this Open House is to register our internal families and feeder families.

Assignments will be sent out in a separate email. The dress code is business casual.


On Tuesday, Megan Palevich and Emily Reid from Laurel Springs School will be visiting with us. Emily will also be here Wednesday, the 20th. The focus of their visit is to discuss our Blended Learning middle school program. They will however walk around and tour the school so please be tour ready.

Joe Rodia from our West Chester PA elementary school and two of his teachers will be visiting with us on the 26th. They will be here from 9-1. Again, your activities should be PBL/STEM based and include hands-on-learning. This visit is very important as what Joe sees will be shared with others.


This will be a great way for us to end a very busy and hopefully productive month! Lets all plan on this being a celebratory week for us with a high re-enrollment and feeder enrollment for 2016-2017!

Please plan ahead for this week. Whatever cheer/song/dance routine you select should be well rehearsed/practiced prior to your students competing on the 29th.

Your classroom door has to be decorated by 2:00 pm on the 25th.

The themed dress days include the staff! It does not make a pretty picture to our families if they see the staff not participating in the dress days as it looks apathetic, and takes away from our feeling of community. In addition, staff count towards the class's participation in the themed days with the ultimate goal being winning the Cheetah Pride Award.

Updates and Reminders

1. Moving Up Day-19th

2. Open House-21st and 23rd

3. PLPs DUE ON 22nd & Hallway Bulletin Board-Completed 2nd Q PBL or STEM

4. Formal Kindergarten Preview on the 23rd at 10 am

5. Spirit Week-Jan25-29

6. Reading Under the Stars-28th at 6:30 pm

7. 2nd Quarter Report Cards due 29th

Chesterbrook Elementary and Middle School

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