The Dollhouse Murders

A Bloody Tale of Murder

summary of the book

One day 11 year old Amy and her mother got into an argument about responsibility. Amy got mad and ran away.she ran to her aunt Clair's house .Amy wanted to stay with her aunt .So she asked her mother if she could stay at her aunts house for a couple of weeks she said yes.One day aunt Clair was up in the attic cleaning up some stuff .Amy went up and saw something under a sheet .Amy took off the sheet and there was a beautiful dollhouse Amy loved it and asked aunt Clair who's it was and she said it was her's aunt Clair told her the story about how she was 15 years old when grandma and grandpa Trielor gave to her for her birthday.She said she hated it and her parents that she was a teenager and she didn't want a dollhouse . Then one day Amy's best friend Ellen came over and they found out that grandma and grandpa trielor were murdered so Amy and Ellen went to the library to find out who killed grandma and grandpa trielor .then Amy and Ellen found out that the dollhouse was haunted and that the dolls were trying to tell them something . Finally the dolls told Amy and Ellen that grandma and grandpa trielor were murdered by someone who wanted there money.
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