Be the Buyer Recap

October Week 3: 10/20 - 10/27

October Category Breakdown

We are currently booked through November 2nd.

October TOTAL (through 11/1): 58
Dresses: 46
TBO: 9
NA: 3

Top Voted This Past Week

Other Strong Candidates for Picks

Snapshot of October Picks in Tableau

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Based on the voting stats...

  • Submitted 14 styles for pick recommendations
  • All 14 were found to be in the upper, right-hand quadrant
  • All highlighted in green, signifying higher than average number of Pick votes per day and Pick comments per day
  • Majority of dresses were fit and flare
  • A higher number than usual of styles that included some kind of detail/embellishment (like sequins) were picked by our voters

Additional Updates:

  • Be the Buyer turned 4 on October 26th!
  • Held a mini-contest on our Twitter platform to engage our girl by re-tweeting and sharing past BTB styles
  • To see the responses of our girl's fave BTB Picks, click here!
  • Our Be the Buyer Dashboard is up and running in Tableau! This means we will have more insight into how samples are performing on the voting end resulting in stronger candidates for Picks!
  • We will be working on addressing the exclusivity contract for the BTB program...more details to come!

For any follow-up questions or concerns, please reach out to me directly at