Message from Michael Lee - San Clemente Expedition Navigator

Welcome to the 2015/2016 Season of Adventure Guides!

I wanted to take a moment and welcome everyone to the new season of Adventure Guides 2015/16! By now, you should have been contacted by Colleen and your Circle Navigators and received this years calendar of events, induction ceremony flyer (Sept 19th) and circle meeting schedules.

My name is Michael (Mic) Lee and I am this year's Expedition Navigator. My son, Jake is in the 49 Niners circle and this will be his 4th year. I also have a daughter, Samantha in the Doheny Expedition and this will be her 6th year.

I recently attended the YMCA sponsored Adventure Guides Leadership Training/Overnighter at Oso Lake. A key takeaway for me was the theme of "Pay it Forward". During the open discussions with other AG leaders - we realized we were all there for one reason - "How can I help?" Everyone shared similar stories of having once in a lifetime experiences, making life long friends and bonding with your son in the great outdoors. So why am I sharing this with you? ... I need everyone to ask yourself the same question "How can I help?" The Adventure Guides program is a "Volunteer" organization and we need everyone's support! Please sign up for a circle position, host a meeting, join the leadership team (I have a role for you!), recruit other Dad/Sons into your circle and support your circle leaders. Your circle leaders stepped up this year to make sure our kids have an awesome year. We are ALL super busy with full time jobs but we all found time to support this great program! I am super stoked to be your Expedition Leader this year and special thanks to Colleen for everything she does to help support the San Clemente Expedition - she supports over 10 expeditions for the YMCA OC!!! Please give her a big thank you when you see her!

We have a great calendar of event this year and I look forward to seeing everyone at the induction campout!


First Scout (Mic) and Bright Spirit (Jake)

Michael Lee - San Clemente Expedition Navigator