Prop or Set Designer

By: Ethan Thompson

Main Duties and Responsibility's

The main duties and responsibilities of a prop designer are creating an object that will be used on set of any stage (TV, Theatre or Movie set). Prop designers should also be able to modify or base their props off from another. Research is also very common in order to create good and well designed props. Prop makers might create props from rough ideas or from other people's designs.

Education requirements

Some of the education/ training requirements for being a prop designer are, having an undergraduate bachelor's degree in set design, scenic design or have experience in theater. Other useful subjects include, interior design, fine art, 3D design and architecture

These are really useful in a resume when applying as a prop/set designer.

Subjects to Take

In high school some classes or subjects that might help you prepare for this job are, Graphic Design, woodworking, Tech ed and Tech Crew. These classes/subjects are really helpful because they help with problem solving, design, hands on helping and making things, which will help you succeed with this job.


The beginning salary can vary but set designers earn about $26.39 an hour and $54,890 a year. About half of all prop designers have reported salaries of between $33,100 and $70,150 a year.

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Why I'm interested

This occupation interests me because I've always enjoyed working with tools and making things. Props from TV shows and movies inspire me to re-create them to the best I can.


I think I have the aptitude for this job because I've been able to work with tools, wood, metal, plastic and just about anything I can use to make stuff. I'm good at making things like shields, swords, helmets and little things from shows I like.


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