Ecosystems Final Review Stations

Week of January 4th-8th

Station 1: EOQ Review with Ms. J

We are going to be reviewing for next week's EOQ together. Please bring your pencil!

Station 2: Biome Sort

Click here to open the Biome Sort. Download the file to your desktop and complete it. I will be taking a grade on this on Friday, so use your notes in your notebook!

Station 3: Quizizz and Study Island

Complete these Quizizzes for a possible grade on Friday. Take them as many times as you need to do well!

Go to Then, type in the following codes:

Intro to Ecosystems- 69055

Food Chain- 98384

Aquatic Biomes- 43987

Terrestrial Biomes- 33087

Then, go to Study Island and complete your assignment called "Quarter 2 Weather and Ecosystems Review".

Station 4: Exploring Ecosystems in Discovery Education

Go to your Assignments in Discovery Ed and click on Exploring Ecosystems.

Get the worksheet out of BLUE DRAWER #1. Complete this worksheet as you go through the exploration.

Turn in for a grade by Friday!

Station 5: Science Sleuths

Go to your Assignments in Discovery Ed and click on "The Fast Fish Frenzy". Complete the assignment and fill out the worksheets that go along with it.

Do the same for the assignment called "Frog File".

The worksheet packet you need is found in BLUE DRAWER #2. Worksheets are due complete by Friday!

Station 6: Biomes Reading Passages

In BLUE DRAWER #3, there is a packet of questions. Click here to find the passages needed to find the answers.

This is due for a grade on Friday.

Grades Taken Friday:

  • Biome Sort
  • Study Island Blue Ribbons
  • Exploring Ecosystems Worksheet
  • Science Sleuths Packet
  • Biomes Reading Passages Questions

Early Finishers:

  1. Complete any unfinished work. This includes any grades you want to finish or correct, and Study Island!
  2. Below are all of the stations from the previous weeks if you need them!