Jordan Tech Thursdays

Spring Break Edition!

2 More Days!

Happy Thursday, Jaguars! Here are some techy tips and tricks to propel you into Spring Break and keep you going strong until summer.

Teachers' Ultimate Guide to Using Videos in the Classroom

KQED's MindShift, in collaboration with Catlin Tucker, just released a great PDF aimed to answer the following questions about using video in the classroom:

Among all the millions of videos out there, how do you find the great ones? How do you evaluate the quality of a video? Who are the great content creators, and what are the best curation sites? Which kinds of videos work as fun supplements, and which are best for actual instruction? How do you get students engaged in discussion after watching videos? How do you blend videos into your curriculum?

Quizdini - Create Online Quizzes That Give Students Instant Feedback

Quizdini is a free tool for creating online quizzes. The best feature of Quizdini is that you can create explanations of the correct answer for your students to view immediately after trying each question in your quiz. Your explanation can include text and or links to online resources like videos and images. Check out the how-to video below:
Quizdini - Your First Quiz

An Interactive History of NASA Spacesuits

This interactive display from NASA gives students the opportunity to learn about six generations of the NASA space suits. Clicking on one of the space suits gives students a short history of why that suit was developed, its unique parts, and how it functions. The introductory animation to the display explains to students why astronauts need to wear space suits and what would happen if they didn't wear a space suit.

MapStory - Create a Story with Mapped Data

MapStory is a free tool for creating mapped displays of data sets. Data sets that are time based, the travels of Genghis Khan for example, can be set to play out in a timeline style on your map.
What is a MapStory?

Want Some Summer PD?

Rock Star Teacher Camps!

Looking for a way to up your technology game for the 2013-2014 school year? CUE (Computer Using Educators) is offering FIVE Rock Star Teacher Camps this summer, including one on the USS Hornet!

Rock Star Teacher Camps are 3 themed days of EdTech professional development with innovative and award-winning CUE Rock Star Staff members. Each morning starts off with light breakfast, socializing and topped with a morning "shred session." Shred Sessions allow you to get to see who the presenters are and what the workshops will cover so you can choose wisely before engaging in a 2 hour hands on workshop, make and take style. Included is a 2 hour lunch which allows you to interact with the CUE Rock Star staff and your fellow CUE Rock Star participants so you can ask questions, brainstorm and be inspired. Most importantly ice cream is provided at lunch each day. The morning 2 hour workshop sessions are repeated after lunch. CUE Rock Star encourages the hall way conversations and relationship building that extends beyond the conference. Typically an optional "unconference" dinner is arranged one of the nights of the event. The unconference dinner is on your own and optional, however is a fun excuse to forge lifelong relationships with conference attendees and staff.