Wonder By: R. J. Palacio

Jaylin Munoz


The protagonist of Wonder is August, because he is kind. The antagonist of Wonder is Julian, because he is mean and rude to August by staring at him or questioning his ability at school.The setting of the story is in a small school called Beecher prep.The plot for Wonder is when August goes to school ,but Julian gives him a hard time, so August doesn't want to go to school.

Rising Action

The rising action of Wonder is when August finally goes to school. Julian starts to give August a hard time during school. August starts to feel sad and it starts to get difficult to make friends.


The climax for Wonder is when all the boys in fifth grade are in war. Julian starts a rumor about Jack. Also, all the kids in August's class starts being nicer to him. They start being nicer about his hearing aids.

Resolution/Falling Action

The falling action of Wonder is when one of the friends August made,walks up to Julian,and punched him. The resolution of Wonder is when August gets honor roll. He also gets an award for being brave.