Safely using Youtube videos

Three solutions to a common problem

We all know there are some great educational resources on Youtube. Any video we show in class or post on our classroom website we check and recheck to make sure the video is helpful and appropriate for our students.

But even after proofing the video, if it comes from Youtube you really have no control over suggestions, advertisements, or the "up-next" video that starts playing automatically unless you use one of the following (or similar) methods to ensure that students are only able to view the video you have selected.

No need to worry about ads or suggested videos popping up with ViewPure.

Simply copy the Youtube video's URL and paste it into ViewPure's search bar then click "Purify".

You will then select your video and be given a new URL for your "purified" video without the clutter.

You also have the option to search straight from ViewPure using the keyword/advanced search.

Solution 2: Embed the video on a website

Scroll to the bottom of your Youtube video pane and click "Share"

Click on the "Embed" tab to reveal the HTML embed code

Copy and paste this code into a blog, weebly, or on your DCS teacher website.

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Create a Google Slides Presentation with your instructional content OR just for Instructional videos you use in class. (How great it would be to have them on one Slides presentation for end of year review!)

To embed it into a Google Slides presentation you actually don't need the embed code (I'm not lying!) You can do a video search from your slides presentation or just insert the Youtube video's URL. Take a peek at the pictures below to see how easy it is.

Let the "no worries" video viewing begin!

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