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The Antiquated Process of Faxing

This month, Wooster’s Technology Department began moving the age old process of facsimile transmission from an analog telephone line based infrastructure to cloud based faxing.

This change will allow us to retire four(4) of our analog phone lines, a savings of nearly $1200 per year.

Additionally, it will help to further reduce our paper consumption by converting our inbound faxes to emails, and allowing us to fax outbound from our desktops as well as our copiers.

At the time of this correspondence, the business office fax line has been migrated and it is hoped that the remaining three lines will be moved in the next week.

So here is what you need to know...

1) The fax lines being moved are the Middle School, Lower School, Business Office, and Administration numbers. The phone numbers do not change.

2) Inbound faxes will be managed by the administrative assistant in each building, excepting the business office faxes, which will be managed by Kathy and Patty. So you will need to know that they will be forwarded on to you and will have the subject line reading FW: HelloFax - Incoming fax from +Some Number.

3) Outbound faxing from the copiers is performed by using the Scan to Email functionality that we use already...only difference is that the email address is comprised of the phone number and (ex.

4) Faxing from your desktop can be achieved in much the same way, by emailing the document with the address in the same format. A bonus is that you can add an electronic signature in your profile and electronically sign and fax documents.

Again, NO Paper!!

I don't have a video for you this week, but I do have a link to the Frequently Asked Questions page at

Of course, any questions can be directed to me.

I hope that these little tips and tricks along the way will make the journey a bit more pleasurable.

Stay tuned for the next episode… Google Calendars!