To six flags holiday in the park

By: Ashley Avendano

Going to six flags

On Saturday, December 6, i went to six flags with my Mom,sister,Aunt,cousin, and a friend. It took a long time to get to six flags, but it was worth the long drive. We arrived about 6 pm and the parking lot was packed with cars. We thought we weren't going to find a good parking space because everywhere we looked, there was a car already. Finally we found a space,but had to walk a long distance to the entrance.


Since my mom,sister and I had a season pass, we didn't need to get in line to buy a ticket for that day. On the other hand, my aunt and cousin didn't have one,so they had to buy one each. The entrance lines were so packed and long,we even had time for some selfies and family time. When we finally got in to six flags, a light show was about to end. It was amazing seeing the lights turn on and off,with different colors, to the theme of the song. My mom said the giant tree was made from small trees, i was really amazed of how they did it so tall.

Difficulty in the pandomenium

After the light show ended, we walked, saw the lights and took pictures of them. My mom said we weren't getting on any rides, but my sister, cousin and i wanted to at least ride a few. We got in line for the Pandemonium ride,it seem like for ever because it was cold. When we were about to get to ride it, they closed it due to technical difficulties. We were very disappointed because we had waited for over 30 minutes just to stand in line. When we told my mom and aunt what happened, they laughed and comfort us with some hot chocolate they had bought. We decided to at least get on the train to see the beautiful lights throughout the whole park.

The Texas sky screamer & return of the pandemoniun

Next, we went on a ride called the Texas sky screamer, it was really fun. My sister and aunt said they weren't scared,that they screamed because it was really cold, but i didn't believe them at all. They were so sacred that they closed their eyes during the whole ride,my sister was squeezing my hand so hard. When we got to the top it was freezing cold, the cold air stung me by surprise when we were turning at a height of 400 feet tall. As we walked to see the Christmas show, we saw that they had reopened the pandemonium ride. To our luck we ended up in the exact place we had been the first time,it was so much fun, after getting on the ride.

The carousel performance

After we got off the ride we went to see the light show were the giant tree is. My mom and aunt were waiting for us in front of the carousel, just a few seconds before the show started. All of a sudden the music started, the lights began to move, and the performance of dancers had begun. The whole show was amazing, but i loved it best when Santa and Mrs Claus came out to say hello to everyone. They sang and dance to traditional Christmas songs; Bugs Bunny,Daffy Duck, and the Tasmanian Devil were part of the show. The park closed at 10 pm, we had a long way back to the car. After the wonderful and fun night we had just spend.
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i had a very good time, even though it was a very cold. I went on only three rides, still it was very fun. I enjoyed the time i got to spend with my family and taking pictures to remember this amazing day. In general, this was a great winter event,i hope we do this again very soon. Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here in Six flags over Texas.