Edgerton Weekly #30

April 22, 2016

Equity In All We Do-Teaching with Poverty In Mind

I recently read a great article on ways to build strong relationships with students affected by poverty. Author Eric Jensen states “There is clear evidence that five years of learning from above-average teachers would erase the academic effects from poverty. Teachers need to know that.” In the article he recommends doing the following 5 things:

1. Teach vocabulary daily

2. Make your classroom a stress free zone

3. Treat your class like a family

4. Take Brain Breaks

5. Share a mini autobiography.

To read the full article, click here. Also, if you are interested in reading his book let me know. We can provide them for you.


I know you remember the watches that our students got through School Store fundraiser, right? Well, many of our students earned some additional rewards. They will be in your mailboxes today.

In addition to that, there was an option through school store to donate directly to "your child's teacher". Many families took this opportunity to donate. The donations totaled $3,810 and ranged from $10 up to $350 for single donations! These gift cards do not expire and can be used through http://caringforclassrooms.org. We also should be getting a check from schoolstore.com based on the purchases made by our families who registered. Currently the balance is around $400. This will hopefully replace the Target donations that ended this year. Thank you for all of your help with schoolstore.com.

Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps Recruiting!

A reminder that our MRC allotment for next year is one full-time, one part-time, and one full-time with a Kindergarten focus.Our MMC allotment is two part-time positions. It's great to have MRC and MMC continue here at EDG!! It's also a lot of people to recruit, even if we do have some members return.

Please be thinking about people who might be interested in these positions. It could be parents, recent college graduates, recent retirees... If someone comes to mind, please let Lizabeth or I know. We’ll be sending home information to our families on Wednesday, April 27. Here’s the link so you can see what the letter looks like. If you have a parent that would be a good tutor if you could jot a note on their letter it would be helpful. It could say something like “<Parent Name> You’d be great at this!” We really appreciate your help in getting high quality members here at EDG. It has such a positive impact on our students. You could also share the websites with anyone who might be interested.



Spy School & The Roseville Review

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Spy School last week a hit! A big thank you to Karen Thompson who did a lot of the heavy lifting. Thank you to staff who volunteered to run stations, serve food and help with the planning: Laura, the other Laura, Lizabeth, Sarah, Erica, Sue, Mike, Joan, Nenette, Carrie, June, PK, Marisa, Stacey, Jakky, Chris, Hanh, Kellie and Dawn! Sarah Johnston also had the wise idea of inviting the Roseville Review. Thank you Sarah! Here's a great article they wrote about Edgerton, Spy Night and the work we are doing around computer science.

May 5-Special Friends Day

The E-Team is working to make Special Friends Day more equitable. A couple changes for this year:

1. The Book Fair-All students will be able to visit the book fair. Mimi and myself will be holding previews and will be sending out grade level times for classes to come and visit the book fair. Students will be able to purchase books at this time in addition to the purchasing during Special Friends Day.

2. Cookies-All students will get a cookie. We'll have bags of a dozen cookies down in the office. Each classroom teacher can take cookies for their class (we'll have some extras if you need more). Special Friends can get their cookies in the cafeteria like we normally do.

3. Additional Special Friends-We will be matching staff to classrooms to provide more "Special Friends" for students. Here is a list of staff and the classroom they are assigned to:

  • Laura B.-KZ
  • Angela-KAn
  • Mimi-KAb
  • Rachel-1St
  • Lizabeth-1W
  • Carrie-1W
  • Chris-2W
  • June-2J
  • PK-2L
  • Brenda-3B
  • Marisa-3M
  • Tao-3K
  • Nenette-4G
  • Joan-4F
  • Julie-4FA
  • Kaohmong-5F and 5J
  • Barb-6W and 5P
  • Sara-6O and 6C

Reminders and Such!

  • April 28 Staff Meeting-Our focus for the April 28 staff meeting will be on TDE end of year activities, a review of our SIP and some information about a Balanced Literacy Pilot. Please bring your iPad or laptop to the meeting.
  • Healthy Fruits and Vegetable Snacks- On Special Friends Day if you have snack in the afternoon please have your snack picked up before 2:00 and return the bin before 2:15. We'd like to get them put away before Special Friends Day.
  • MCA Testing-Thank you to Lorrie Hayne, teachers and paras for all their hard work to make MCA testing successful and as stress free as possible for our students. The time and energy is noticed and appreciated.
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