Mrs. Jackson's Kindergarten

October News!

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Upcoming Events!

October 1st- Curriculum Night and Progress Reports

Curriculum night is from 6:00-7:30. There will be three sessions, each 30 minutes long. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. We will be going over what your child will be learning this year, how they will be assessed, and explaining report cards.

October 7th- Fall Festival Silent Auction Basket items due

Our basket theme this year is "Let's Have a Sleepover!" Suggested items are: games, blankets, candy, slippers, pillow, sleeping bag. The classroom whose basket is auctioned off for the most money will receive 50% of what the basket sold for.

October 10th- Fall Festival from 11:00-3:00

Our Annual Fall Festival is such a great time for our students. They will get to enjoy games, inflatables, pumpkin carving contest, Zougar the Cougar, pie in the face, and silent auction. I hope to see you there.

October 21st- Picture Day

October 23rd- End of 1st quarter and 1/2 day for students

October 26th- Teacher Workday and Parent Teacher Conferences

The first quarter report card must be given at a conference with me. In a few weeks I will send home a sign up sheet for you to choose a time to meet.

October 30th- Uniform Free Day

What are we learning?


We have been comparing numbers. We will continue our unit by using larger numbers. We have also been working on writing numbers 0-10, and different ways we can represent numbers (tally marks, ten frames, digit, pictures, number lines).

We have begun using a great Math program called Dreambox. This is an online program that is tailored specifically for your child based on their answers. Your child is able to access this at home! I ask that you NOT help them as they play. If your child isn't understanding a game they are playing (not the instructions, but the Math), Dreambox will alert me to areas they need extra support. If help is given, the results are skewed. The game will also become too challenging for your child at school as help isn't given while they play the game. On Monday, I will send home a print out of our school code so your child may access at home if you like. Each child has their own secret picture password.


In our mini-lessons we have been taking a closer look at some familiar stories by identifying characters, comparing characters, identifying the setting of a story, and retelling a story by explaining what happened at the beginning, middle, and end. This coming week the children will begin learning how to identify poetry and storybooks. They will be able to explain the different elements of both genre.

We have begun small group instruction in reading. This is called guided reading. I love the time I am able to spend with each child in a small group setting to teach them exactly what they need and for them to practice skills at their reading level.

Your child will receive a book in a bag this week. Please read this book over and over each week with your child. This builds fluency and confidence. You may log the book in their reading log as many times as they read it. Please make sure the book is returned by Friday so that we can put a new book in their baggy for the following week.


We have been working really hard on sounding out words when we write and using our "Popcorn Words" when writing. The "Popcorn Words" are our high frequency words. We call them popcorn words because they pop up everywhere when we read. A list of this year's words was put in your child's red folder a couple weeks ago. These are the words your child will learn to read and be able to write this year. We are currently on week 4. Please help your child to learn these words by practicing at home. Some fun ideas is to have them write them with a stick in the dirt, find them in books when you read together, make the words out of cooked spaghetti noodles, or any other fun way you can think of. Make it fun but meaningful! The children have been so proud of their writing! They can hardly stay in their seats at the end of our writing time, they are so excited to share what they have written.

Science and Social Studies

We alternate between teaching Science and Social Studies.

This past week in Social Studies we learned about different cultures around the world. Your child learned about the countries Kenya, China, Mexico, and Italy. They learned that these countries speak different languages, have different celebrations, eat different food, wear different clothing, and have some differences in their schooling. Some of their art work for this unit will be on display in our hallway for Curriculum night.

Beginning this week we will start our unit in Science on Force and Motion. This is such a fun and engaging unit. They will learn that a force is either a push or a pull and that things move in different ways.

Behavior Calendars

Please make sure to check your child's behavior calendar each night. Please do not take the calendar out. Mrs. B or I will take the calendars out of the folders at the end of the month. Thank you!