Frances Hermoso A3

Description of fruit

-Grow from a shrub-other members include cranberries and bilberries as wel as azaleas, mountain laurels, and rhodeodendron.-deep in color    -ranging from blue to maroon to purple-black-feature a white-gray waxy "bloom"that covers the berry    -serves as the protective coat-regularly cultivated blueberries  taste mildly sweet-wild bluberries taste more tangy and tart

Nutritional information

45 calories per 100 grams or 71 calories per cup-wild blueberries     abundant in anti-oxidants      deliver substantial nutrients for every calorie consumednaturally-                  -low in fat                  -high in fiber                  -and have no added sugar, sodium, or refined starches-excellent source of manganese (important for bone developement)-adds important dietary nutrients w/o adding alot of extra calories

Cooking Methods

bake into muffins or pancakes-puree or blend in smoothies-freeze or incorperate them somehow into ice cream


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