Natural Disaster Project

What is a Flood

A flood is water that surrounds a land and the flood arrives by over flowed streams or rivers.


The climate when the disaster occurs are cloudy and rainy.

What They Help Us With

1. They help plants grow.

2. They help trees grow too.


The most likely place where a flood would happen would be dry areas.

What Was the Number One Flood

As of 2010, the number one flood swept through Oregon and Washington State about 25,000 to 15,000 years ago during the last ice age.

When Did it Happen

It happened on September 17, 2010 on Wednesday.

Where Did it Happen

This event happened in Oregon and Washington State.

What Did the Flood Do to the Land

It killed people, animals, and damaged many things.

How Did it Affect People

It affected them by having health problems and water diseases.
9/12/2013 Colorados Big Thompson Canyon Extreme Flash Flooding