Flute project

By Atley Durr

Louis Claude Daquin

Was born on July 4th 1694, died on June 15th 1772.Born in Paris France.He was a keyboard composer.He was admired for his gentle charm.

John Tyndall

He was a French composer. Also he was born in Paris.


Processional is meant to be a nice and pretty piece.The word procession means the number of people in an orderly fashion.


My name is Atley Faith Durr. My favorite food is pizza.I am a vegetarian.I am also very picky.I am a competitive figure skater,and am very active.I like to do good in school.And I like to talk loud and non-stop.This is a little bit about me.


My flute project was very fun.I got to research famous people,songs,and learn more about music.I think I did great on my flyer.I am very proud of my work.My song was a little tricky at first but now that I have practiced it more it has became much easier.This is what I have enjoyed in this quarter project,and I look forward to playing the flute next year.