Russia bombing leaving 6 dead, and multiple people injured.

Multiple Russia bombings, are they connected?

The bombings have been very recent, and have been going on for about a week. The local police have been looking for the men that have been setting up the bombings, they believe that the bombing have been done by the same gentlemen because of the similarity in the crime scenes where the bombing have taken place.They are still looking but at the moment have no leads, and have any suspects to tie to the bombings.

Scares of the Olympics!!!

Local law enforcement and the government of Russia is very worried about what affect the bombings will have on the winter Olympics. due to the fact that some of the countries may not be comfortable with sending their top athletes into a terrorist zone where they could be in danger of injury, or worst death. this issue could result in the Olympics being delayed on the start why they catch the bombers, it matters worsen get the Olympics moved some where else,because of the threat that they might try to bomb at the Olympics, but there is no official word on what they plan to do at the moment.

Suicide bombings!

The officials are also worried because the bus bombing was not the first the have had. There was a suicide bombing in the train station of Volgograd, where 17 people died and over two dozen are in critical condition where they are being treated for there injuries. They believe that the suicide bomber was a girl, but are now saying that there could have been a second accomplice of male gen-dare, but they are not sure at the moment. For more info watch the video up a head.