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September 16, 2016

Share to Classroom Extension

If you use Google Classroom, then you already know how easy it is to have discussions, post assignments, and keep your course content organized. With the Share to Classroom Extension, you can send a webpage to your students instantly. Try it!

Note: You must be logged into Chrome for you to utilize the Extension.

Constitution Day Virtual Field Trip

Go Behind the Scenes with the Founders
at the Library of Congress

In honor of Constitution Day, Discovery Education is taking you behind-the-scenes at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Meet the new Libarian of Congress, take a tour of the largest library in the world, and get a candid look into the minds that founded our country.

  • What was George Washington really thinking about during the Constitutional Convention?
  • What were Alexander Hamilton's parting sentiments to his wife, Eliza, before his fatal duel with Aaron Burr?
  • What did Thomas Jefferson try to cover up in his original draft of the Declaration of Independence, and how did scientists at the Library of Congress uncover the truth?

Teacher Feature: Google Drawings to Support ELA Instruction

Thank you to Candice Spinelli for sharing Google Drawings for various maps, charts, and diagrams. Click on the link to view these files, then click on File-Make a Copy to have your own copy to use for instruction or to use as a student template! If you have teaching materials you would like to share, email me and share your files for Anyone in Milford Schools with the link can VIEW.

Thinking of trying flipped learning in your classroom?

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Students at Boyd E. Smith Elementary are using Flocabulary in Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Bothe's classrooms to reinforce concepts, introduce or close a lesson, and engage students! Mrs. Dunn shared, "the kids love the videos and will sing right along with them. Flocabulary includes quizzes with read and response questions that the student can complete for each video. When the student finishes these, Flocabulary grades them and provides immediate feedback to the students! It is a great extension for many lessons."

Elementary Social Studies teachers can log in here to create your account and get started today!

Flocab Vocab!
Every Week in Rap Junior video has activities to help develop critical thinking skills. The "Flocab Vocab" activity helps students define or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words. See all the activities for this week's video.

Milford Technology Coordinator

Email me to schedule a time to collaborate and prepare for technology integration in your classroom!

My schedule for Sept. 19-23

Monday: BOE

Tuesday: MHS

Wednesday: MJHS/Mulberry

Thursday: MJHS/Seipelt/Boyd

Friday: Inservice Day-various locations