My 2014-2015 School year

The year I...


This year for 7th Grade at CVMS, multiple changes occurred to me. Some changes were that I have more friends, I'm closer to my family, and I feel more mature.

Middle and End

When I was in elementary school, I had lots of friends in my classes that I played with at lunch, but barely saw them if they weren't in my class. This changed when I went to CVMS because people from all different schools came to CVMS and I had 6 different classes, making me have more opportunities to make more friends. Another change that occurred was I became closer to my family. This may seem silly but I did. Instead of elementary school where you barely had homework and tests, I had to ask my parents for help sometimes and talk to them about it. The last change that occurred was that I became more mature. Instead of elementary school where we never got in trouble, at CVMS, it was more strict and I had to be more mature to not get in trouble.

Some of these changes were good, but sadly some were bad. But I was stoked that I had good teachers and that I got pretty good grades. I wish that P.E. was easier and we didn't have to run as much. By the way, i'm not lazy.