Da Vinci- Two Important Inventions

Poster by Meranda Morton

The Da Vinci Machine Gun

The machine gun invented by Da Vinci was not a modern day machine gun. It did not fire automatically, but it would still take down an entire army in much less time. Da Vinci thought if that you placed eleven muskets on a level of a rotating mechanism, having thirty-three muskets in all, one could make an ultimate weapon. Da Vinci was heavily against war, which he wrote in his notebooks, but he needed money to support his family.
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Da Vinci's City Of The Future

Leonardo Da Vinci got the idea for the City of the Future from seeing the Black Plague in Milan. He thought of a city without sickness, which was amazing because the germ theory wasn't even purposed till the twentieth century. Da Vinci was centuries ahead of his time, and everyone thought he was a kook! Talking of flying machines, machine guns, and no-sickness cities, he lost the people's respect. He was brilliant, but so far ahead of his time. The picture below is Da Vinci's sketch. I'm not sure I understand it, but he did and others might.
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