Weekly Update May 26th - May 29th Catch Up Week

Distance Learning

My Kindergarten Digital Memory Book Optional: Two week Seesaw Project

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What are we Learning?

Language Arts: We will focus on our 5 Senses

Phonics: We will focus on blending Sounds

Word Family: No Lesson

Popcorn Words: Review all popcorn words

Writer’s Workshop: Review - Punctuation, Spacing and Capitalization: Writing books while staying on topic

Math: We will focus on subtracting

Science: We will take a Virtual Field Trip

Social Studies: We will focus on responsibilities

Seesaw Assignments and Essential Questions for the Week

Phonics: Seesaw Activities: Beginning Blends and Phonics blends

1. What blends have you learned about this year?

Word Families: Seesaw Activities: No lesson

Writing: We are going to write a book! What are you interested in? Write about it! Remember to Illustrate your pictures. On Seesaw, read your book to your teacher! We can't wait! Always remember capitalization, punctuation and spacing with some detail!

Sight Word: Seesaw Activity: Review all sight words. Record your child reading each word!

1. Read as many of your sight words from the kindergarten sight word list.

Reading: Seesaw Activity : Scholastic: 5 Senses

1. What is something interesting you learned about your 5 Senses?

Math: Seesaw Activity: Go Math: Subtraction and Subtraction Practice

1. What is 5 take away 2?

2. What is 10 take away 4?

Science: Seesaw Activity: Virtual Trip through the Amazon Rainforest

1. What did you learn while on your field trip?

Social Studies: Seesaw Activity: What are responsible choices?

1. What is one responsibility you have at school?

Art and Library activities are optional

Please complete the activities listed above by each Friday as your weekly assignments.

TEKS - Texas Standards

Phonics: K.2(Bii) demonstrate and apply phonetic knowledge by: using letter sound relationship to decode, including VC, CVC, CCVC and CVCC words

K. 2 (Ci) demonstrate and apply spelling knowledge by: spelling words with VC, CVC, and CCVC

Word Family: K.2Bii demonstrate and apply phonetic knowledge by: using letter sound relationship to decode

K. 2 (Ci) demonstrate and apply spelling knowledge by: spelling words with VC, CVC, and CCVC


K10A plan by generating ideas for writing through class discussions and drawing

Sight Words:

K.2 B(iv) demonstrate and apply phonetic knowledge by identifying and reading at least 25 high frequency words from a research - based list


K.1 (A) listen actively and ask questions to understand information and answer questions using multi word responses

K.6 (B) provide an ora, pictorial, or written response to a text


K.2 (B) read, write, and represent whole numbers from 0 to at least 20 with and without objects or pictures

K.2 (G) compare sets of objects up to at least 20 in each set using comparative language

K.2 (H) use comparative language to describe two numbers up to 20 presented as written numerals


K. 2 (ii) differentiate between living things and nonliving things based upon whether they have basic needs and produce offspring

K.2 (iv) examine evidence that living organisms have basic needs such as food, water and shelter of animals.


Exploration and STEAM Activities - Optional ~ Animal Habitat

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Ideas for Non - Technology Learning

  • Rainbow write sight words
  • Using sticky notes, label items around your house (sounding out each word)
  • Write a letter to your teacher and or friends at school - Share by sending a picture to your teacher
  • Make sight word flash cards
  • Use Play Doh to make sight words
  • Work out by 10's : 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats ETC.
  • Read a book : talk about the characters or any new vocabulary
  • Learn a new vocabulary word: try to use it in a sentence that day
  • Write a story: Use sight words and simple sentences in your writing
  • Count by 1's, 5's and 10's
  • Compose and decompose numbers: use any numbers 1-10 and see how many ways you can make that number. Use toys, coins, straws etc. Example: 2 spoons and 1 spoon is 3 (2+1=3) 4 spoons and 3 spoons is 7 (4+3=7)
  • Draw, color or create a puzzle
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Extension Lessons - Optional

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We Miss Our Students

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Library Days

Monday: Mrs. Whitford

Tuesday: Mrs. Robledo

Thursday: Mrs. Dryzmalla

Friday: Miss Black

List of Kinder Sight Words

We Miss You!

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Distance Planning

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Zoo Trip

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Rodeo Team Bonding

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CR Kinder Round Up

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Grinch Day ~ Stink, Stank, Stunk

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During this weeks faulty meeting, the kinder team was challenged to create a gingerbread house. All grade level houses are displayed in the foyer.

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About Us

Mrs. Robledo - GLC

Miss Black

Mrs. Drzymalla

Mrs. Whitford