Comets Math

News for Friday, November 30


Page 333 Ready To Go On? Quiz Review Problems 1-13

We have a number of new terms in this chapter that students should be reviewing nightly.

We will be having a quiz on Monday over Lessons 5-1 through 5-5.

Regular Math

We wrote our extended paragraphs in class today.

The homework varies from student to student.

If your son/daughter got a perfect score on yesterday's homework, they have no homework tonight.

If they turned in the homework, but it was not a perfect score, then they are working on the even problems on the same Algebra Practice Worksheet 4 from yesterday.

If they did not turn in their homework, then they need to have their worksheet signed and do problems 1-16.

NOTE: Show all work on your own paper. Write the correct answer (variable = number) on the worksheet