The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Biodiesel is a renewable energy fuel source.
  • It is a clean-burning substitution for regular Petroleum Fuel.
  • It is much safer to store and handle.
  • Biodiesel is domestically produced in the United States.
  • Biodiesel reduces the amount of greenhouse gases in the environment.
  • Biodiesel has been known to cause less damage to the environment if it is leaked or spilled.

The Cons

  • It is very expensive and timely to produce Biodiesel from vegetable oils.
  • Many types of vehicular warranties do not cover any Biodiesel blends above B5.
  • Biodiesel is more expensive than regular petroleum diesel.
  • It is not widely produced, causing supplying problems.
  • Biodiesel is known to cause more nitrogen oxide emissions in some instances.
  • Biodiesel does not provide equal fuel economy or power compared to petroleum diesel.
  • Some biodiesel blends are not made to work in colder weather.
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Project By: Avery Oldfield and Katie Archey