The Giver

The Perfect Society...or is it?

Utopia vs. Dystopia

Can a perfect society truly exist?

Reading Schedule

Students will be reading in class as well as outside of class. Students will be given a reading schedule to help them stay on top of their daily reading and homework assignments during the unit. As always, adjustments might need to be made due to unexpected circumstances, however, students will be given advance notice to make changes to their calendar.

Project Assessment

Students will be completing a group project over The Giver as well as an individual writing assignment (mini-essay). Dates and requirements will be given mid-way through the unit.

The Movie

As always, the book is better than the movie, however, it is always nice to have a visual to help you connect even more with the characters. The movie adds more elements to the community that were non-existent in the book, so students should be aware that the movie is not a replacement for the book. We will be watching The Giver in class before the Christmas break.
The Giver - Official Trailer - The Weinstein Company