Protecting Endangered Animals

why we should save animals from becoming extinct.By: Asma N.

The Situation

Imagine a world with no animals,a puppy wouldn't never bring joy to us again.We wouldn't survive that long either, plants would die off without animals and no plants and animals means no food for us. So without animals we would all starve to death.So your probably wondering how to give back to these wonderful creatures, well you should start doing more about saving endangered animals, because People aren't doing enough to save them. So here are some reasons that will hopefully make you understand why we should help endangered animals.
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Preserving Enviormental Health and Biodiversity

It is important for us to have biodiversity in the world. Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species, no matter how small, all have an important role to play.Having a healthy biodiversity has many benefits for example, ecosystem services such as protection of water resources, soil formation and protection, pollution break down and absorption, and more. there are so many benefits and if so animals are becoming extinct then there will be less biodiversity which means that there won't be as much of these resources. So if more was done to save these endangered animals we would be literally saving the world, which is very important for other creatures, including ourselves.
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Ecological Value

Animals can not live by themselves, just like humans. Animals have to interact with other organisms as well as its environment to survive. Removing one species from the ecosystem will effect the life of other organisms that interact with it. For example if the gray wolf was to become instinct, the elk population would increase.The more elk means less grass and shrubs.The less grass and shrubs, the less food there will be for other grazers and insects. Then eventually the elk and other grass eaters will run out of food and then eventually die off.So if one species is taken out then the entire cycle is broken and the balance is messed up. So when we save one creature we are helping an entire life cycle.
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Medical value

Most people don't want to help out because they think that there is nothing they will get out of it. That isn't true because some of endangered species are used for medicines that we need for diseases and research. For example,the drug Digitalis, derived from purple foxglove, prevented the death of millions of people. Digitalis is used to treat congestive heart failure (CHF), fluid retention, irregular heartbeat, asthma, epilepsy, tuberculosis, headache, and spasm. Plants are not the only ones used as medicine, some animals are too. For example, lizards make a toxin that may benefit diabetes sufferers. Another example is sharks, they are used in the study of certain forms of cancer and muscle degeneration.
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Summing it up

So saving endangered species is important for the world and for us. It is the right thing to do, they are all living creatures too a they deserve to live freely. It is our job to help out and make the world a better place, not only for animals, but also for us.We need to start doing something now before our future is something terrifying.


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