Physical Therapist

Hannah Micksch

What type of work do I do?

I help kids with disabilities, injuries, or pain

Environment I work In

I work indoors with my patients

Do I work with people or alone and do I work with my hands, head, or both?

I mainly work with other people

I work with my Hands the most.

What is the earning potential and do i have set or flexible hours and do you supervise others?

The earning potential is $59,240

I mainly have set hours but can be a little flexible with them

yes i supervise others but I also have patients of my own

What qualities do you have to have to succeed in this job?

To succeed in this job you have to like kids, working with others, and have to enjoy helping people

Do you need some type of training or collage? and what kind and the time frame?

yes you need to go to collage and do a six month clinical internship

How do you know you could do this type of work?

I like helping others and also helping someone could change their life and I want to be a part of that.
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2 paragraphs

This job that I chose a physical therapist would be a great job to have. It would be a great job to have because you could help shape a persons life. You could also help a family that needs help with a child or even with an adult. Physical therapy is a hard job to have.

To be a physical therapist you need to have the kindness in your heart to help others without getting frustrated.

When you do this job you have to remember that they have some sort of disability or an injury. You will have to work with people of all ages like toddlers to adults. I would want to do this job because I like to help others. I would like to make a difference in a child's life. I want to be a part of a change in someones life. This is about the job and why I would like this job.