Busy Bee Leader Board

See the Good. See the Need. See the Whole. See the Possible.

It has been a wonderful year at SPP! Thank you!!

Leaders of Learning

This week's nominees:

Madeline Miller – I nominate Madeline because she is so friendly and she is always willing to help!

I nominate the custodians for helping me collect mClass kits with a smile!

I nominate Shelia Marion for going above and beyond to help the students in her class. She has been a true rock star this school year and I am very thankful for her.

I would like to nominate Shellie Turner as a leader of the week. She came into a difficult situation (a class room with 2 teachers already this year). She came in and gave those students a sense of stability, and helped them grow.

I nominate Shelli Boes and Aaron Ribet for helping the assistants raise money for the IAs continuing education at the conference...they helped us on their own time and we are very appreciative!

Thomas Tidbits

Remember, "Every kid needs a champion." --Rita Pierson

Making our Hive Thrive

K – Teachers are bringing the real world into the classroom in order to teach environmental print. Students are making connections through visual literacy that is meaningful and relevant.

1st – A teacher was using National Geographic online to help students answer nonfiction comprehension questions. The students were so engaged! Teachers are providing many engaging tools for students to use while solving difficult math story problems.

2nd – Teachers are previewing third grade standards and providing advanced content instruction to students showing mastery in specific skills.

U is for UN

Unwavering in our commitment.

Unleashed in our creativity.

Uncommon in our methods.

Unbroken in our spirit.

Unmatched in our effort.

Uninhibited in our passion.

Unabashed in our enthusiasm.

Uncompromising in the pursuit of excellence.

We need a lot more of this kind of "UN" in education. (Don't forget to put the F in front of it, too!)

--Dave Burgess, P is for Pirate

Change of time for Storyteller--Assembly will now start at 9:00 on Tuesday.

Upcoming Dates

June 8: mClass kits and materials need to be turned in by Monday afternoon

June 8: KEA Meeting Tuesday – Kindergarten Teachers 2:45 in Media Center

June 8: TR 1st grade Awards Assembly--8:30-9:15

June 8: YR 1st grade/Meadows Awards Assembly--9:15-10:00

June 8: YR Kindergarten end of year celebration--12:00-1:30

June 9: Storyteller @ 9:00 followed by Field Day/Fun Day with Playmobile

June 11: Last day of school--dismissal at 11:30 followed by Staff Luncheon--more info to come

June 12: Required workday

June 16: SIT Retreat

June 17: Marci at Principals Meeting