Legendary HR Smore

Elizabeth Cagle

Good Interview

The interviewee used good body language. He seemed confident. His answers to the questions were relavent to the position he was applying for.
Sample Interview 2-More effective interview

Bad Interview

The interviewee had poor body language. He fiddled with his pen and glanced around too much. His nervousness showed. He used yeah too much in his answers. He didn't fully answer some of the questions.
Sample Interview 1-What NOT to do/bad interviewing

Do's of an Interview

Don'ts of an Interview

Job Description

Video Game Designer for Nintendo

You will create original game designs and ideas. You will also help refine and perfect the designs of others. You will work with a team to create games. You will be expected to meet deadlines. Anyone applying for this job must have a degree in video game design. That must also have experience with programming and artistic design. This experience should be in the form of previously had jobs or internships. You will be paid $28 an hour. The salary is subject to change depending on the employee's degree of success.