Ancient Rome's Coliseum

By: Dacie Davis

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My Important Year

  • 8o AD
  • Coliseum finished construction
  • Opening day

The Coliseum Found on a map

Why This Topic Should Be Learned

  • More about their entertainment
  • learn more gladiators, arches
  • Learn about the structure

How This Topic Impact The Roman Empire

  • Brought entertainment
  • Decreased society
  • Advances Empire in architecture
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Other Topics Related To My Topic

  • Arches
  • Gladiator
  • Aqueducts

Other Questions About The Research Topic

  • How did they pick gladiator
  • Were their concession stands
  • How long did match go on

Ideas About Museum Project

  • Huge model Coliseum
  • Seat section model
  • Gladiator

Did you know?

  • 32 trap doors underneath stadium
  • First game lasted 100 days
  • Exit called Gate of Death carried dead bodies out (Gladiators)
  • Could fit 50,000 people
  • Lions, Elephants, Snakes, Panther were used during battle
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