April 4, 2016


I have a lot to say. I hope you're listening.
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THANK YOU all so very very much for a smooth week of testing last week! You did a terrific job of actively monitoring & are to be commended for the way you handled all testing. KUDOS to Kelli for the extra time & attention she put into organizing the testing – she went above & beyond as she always does - Thank you Kelli!

We had an unpleasant & unusual stomach bug hit about 14 of our teachers last week. Beth & Toni sanitized & disinfected the entire building over the weekend. We hope everyone is feeling much better now!

I wanted to let you know that the T-TESS training I attended week before last was very interesting & beneficial. The new teacher appraisal system is about growth for everyone. It’s based on a growth model with improving instruction & communication as the main goals. I am anxious to get to share more details with you, but here are a few of the major changes:

· Both a Pre-Conference & a Post Conference are required. (This is something you’re already used to, so will not be a big change for you!)

· Your observation & self-assessment will count for 80% of the evaluation while your student growth results will count for 20%.

· There are four domains: 1) Planning, 2) Instruction, 3) Learning Environment, &

4) Professional Practices & Responsibilities

· There are five Performance levels or Dimensions & those are: 1) Distinguished,

2) Accomplished, 3) Proficient, 4) Developing, & 5) Improvement Needed

· Principals will train their teachers in the fall.

I’ve included a little more Love & Logic information for you as I think it’s powerful stuff that truly works & helps us connect with kids.

We’re back in the news again for our work with the Liink project! I’ve included a link to an article that was in Education Week last week & one that was in the “District Administration” magazine where we were featured in their March issue…both features are well written, & I thought you would enjoy reading them:



Here is the link to the digital edition, where you can see it in the same layout as the print magazine:


Finally, I hope you enjoyed hearing Rick Rigsby last week as much as I did. I personally think he’s one of the best speakers we’ve had all year! KEEP STANDING…MAKE AN IMPACT…not an IMPRESSION…powerful stuff! You’ll see that I included a few of his AMEN statements in our Bulletin. I really do appreciate the positive feedback regarding his visit.

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Dr Rick Rigsby - Frisco ISD Clips


· Make an IMPACT…not just an impression.

· Everybody communicates but only a few people connect.

· Some people think capacity is contingent upon how much you make. Capacity is based on your priorities.

· We live in a society where less & less is being demanded more & more.

· If you want to make an IMPACT, you’ve got to work for it.

· It’s better to aim high & miss, than to aim low & hit.

· VISION is the ability to see the invisible.

· Students will emulate your behavior whether you like it or not.

· How do you grow your influence? When you don’t judge.

· It’s better to be an hour early than a minute late.

· Leadership is influencing others, nothing more, nothing less.

· When common people do common things in uncommon ways, the world stops.

· Take young people where they will not go on their own.

· EGO is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity.

· Everything you do needs a signature of excellence.


· Make an IMPACT!

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Important Information this week!

· Our last round of CLUBS resumes again on Friday. Many thanks to Angela Cathey for helping kids get signed up.

· Our Team leaders will meet this Wednesday. If you have anything you’d like added to the agenda I need it by tomorrow please.

· Second grade begins their “Wreaths across America” project. See Pam or Candice for details.

· Here are some important upcoming dates that you need to have:

· Thursday, April 14….Teacher Self Report Sections II and III due; End of Teacher Observation window

· Friday, April 29…Summative Annual Report to Teacher

· Friday, May 6…Begin Summative Conference window

· Friday, May 13…End of Summative Conference window (FINAL Date)

· I should have your April calendar to you this afternoon.

· Hang in there – there are only 42 more school days left!

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Monday – PTA Board meeting – 8:45, PLC’s meet, Bryan & Kelli to meet with PTA reps, Bryan teaches in 4th grade, Teacher of the Year Committee meets after school to finish reviewing nominations

Tuesday – UIL competition after school at Comanche Springs - 4:45, Interviews for open positions for next year will take place after school this afternoon

Wednesday – Brief Faculty meeting – First Financial needs to meet with us for about 20 minutes – the Team Leader meeting will follow – 3PM (First Financial) 3:30 – Team Leader meeting - I need everyone in the faculty meeting please.

Thursday – Fire Drill – Time TBA, Eagles of Character Celebration – 1:15

Friday – Beckett Willis serves as Principal for the day, Vocabulary Store Open, Clubs – Eagle Mountain University – 1:45, Watch-Dog Movie Night – 7PM,

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The Importance of Relationship

· The closer we feel to another person, the more devastated we feel when we do something they disapprove of.

· When relationships are damaged, even the very best techniques fail.

· Loving relationships give consequences their power.

· At least once a day notice something special about your students.

· Remove any hint of sarcasm.

· Love them even when they’re behaving not so lovable.

· Neutralize arguing.

· Every time we tell a stubborn person what to do, they don’t comply, & we find ourselves at a loss for what to do, they learn that our words are meaningless.

· Never tell a stubborn child (or spouse) what to do. Describe what you’re willing to do or allow instead.

· Kids who never have the freedom to make poor choices never develop the skills to make good ones.

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“When looking at school improvement, it is the change in adult behavior that is the leading indicator.”

-Sean Cain & Mike Laird

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· THANK YOU to the entire staff for their help with STAAR testing last week! Ya’ll did a magnificent job!

· I appreciate the Teacher of the Year Committee meeting for several HOURS to score Teacher of the Year nominations. Thanks for giving of your time!

· We appreciate the fifth grade team for hosting the Faculty luncheon on Thursday!

· Thumbs up to Beth Welch who does an incredible job of analyzing her benchmark data! Beth knows her data - & uses it to drive instruction!

· Beth Carpenter & Toni both deserve a standing ovation for going above & beyond again in sanitizing the building AGAIN over the weekend to ensure that it is squeaky clean.

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