Warren Bechtel

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Service He Provided

Warren was the founder of Bechtel Corporation. It was one of the largest engineering and construction service around. He and his crew built railroads, pipelines, and bridges.


History of Warren

He was born on September 12, 1872. Warren was the last of six kids in his family. He grew up in Illinois, and when he was 12 they moved to Kansas were they had a farm and owned a grocery store. Warren was a young energetic teenager and always found time to do school work. He played the trombone and went to college and played more trombone, but he said he could not make a living playing the trombone. In 1898 Warrens' ranch was about to go bankrupt. He heard that down in Oklahoma to grade railroad bed with there own team of horses they would get payed $2.75 for a day. So he left Kansas and went and made his life down in Oklahoma. The railroad led to every kind of construction project, from snowsheds to pipelines to the Hoover Dam. He loved doing work then he took a shot at grading. From 1898 to 1906 Warren was working up and down the railroads. In 1931 Warren started his own buisness. In 1933 Warren participated in the bridge engineering.