Better Call Brad!

Brad Funk, Attorney at Law

Services We Provide

We have represented both Plaintiffs (party initiating a lawsuit) and Defendants (party accused of a crime or party against whom a relief is being sought in a civil case).

Thorough pleadings, formal written statements on behalf of your case in a lawsuit

Promptly answer summons to appear in court

Promptly answers complaints against you for money damages or injury

Represent you in Arbitration: an alternative dispute resolution outside the court

Mediation: intervene to resolve conflict on your behalf

Pretrial conferences to establish plan of action

Legal presence in the courtroom during trial between parties to decide the resolution of the conflict.

Represent you on Appeal in the unlikely event of a verdict against you.

What We do Best

We are committed to developing the most Preponderance of Evidence to prove your claim or position of superiority to win your case.

In our 18 years of legal services, we have won 75% of all the cases we have represented.